Wednesday, 18 January 2012

LuF hE

<3 Fikri
The date i been taken with u-08.05.11
Never believe that i can be with u until today, huhu
Totally luf u so much,
Hmm,"Sy syg awk"
n na awk tau tntg itu, 
Terma ksih trma sy seadanye sy, :)
N trma ksh sbb faham sy alwys, :D
Really happy to be ur gf :)
Trma kash sbb caring pasl sy even kite x sllu msg, :)
Remmbr awk ckp kat sy, B'jaya besma2, :)
Insyaallah,kite sma2 bedoa ye awk, :)

Lot Of Love Razma, :)

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